Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Poutine Guy is Notorious

Hey poutine lovers! Just a quick blog this time. First, today I had lunch with someone I never met before. I told her I had a side project reviewing poutine in a blog. She responded with, "That's you?" 

Poutine Guy's first "That's you?". I'm famous!

Second, I hear there is a Poutine Festival in the works in Fredericton. One more poutine promotion that will haunt Poutine Guy with guilt as he reads future obesity figures in the province. There's even a Facebook site set up here for those who want updates. 

Anyway, here's what they have available so far: 

All you can eat Poutine plus NB Craft Beer. COMING FALL 2013

Yes, you read that correctly: "All you can eat Poutine..." and some other stuff. 

And finally, I've discovered Pinterest. It is wasting a lot of my time, but it is poutine heaven for this curd admirer. I even found a Keep Calm logo suggesting I Eat Poutine. I'm considering getting it on a T-shirt (who am I kidding, it'll be on a bib) in time for the Fredericton Poutine Festival. 

So keep the tips coming in.

Until then, of course, may your curds stay squeaky. 

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