Monday, 19 November 2012

Casino Poutine: A sure loser

Hey loyal fan(s) and fellow poutine lovers. I want to start the blog today with what makes a poutine a poutine. I want to talk about curds. I mean, without curds, poutine is just fries and gravy.
First, a colleague of mine has informed me that if you're ever on your way toward Rivière-de-Loup in Quebec you'll pass a small community called Cabano. There's a fromagerie on the left near a mill which is on your right. Apparently, they sell great Made in Cabano curds as well as other cheeses, but I'm going for the curds.
Second, as Costco shoppers may know, nearly everything sold in their cafeteria can be found in store. However, for the longest time I couldn't find curds. Well, that's changed. You can now purchase curds in the cheese section at your favourite wholesale grocery and Christmas store. Nothing will get you home making your very own poutines faster than a bag of curds in your fridge.
Speaking of homemade poutines, one thing I get asked about a lot is how would I grade my own poutine. Well ... I don't often make my own. Plus, there may be some conflict of interest in grading my own masterpieces.
However, I must say that every once in a while the urge takes me, and out comes the dusty deep fryer. Usually, I use canned St. Hubert poutine gravy - but since my wife abhors gravy, it's typically spaghetti sauce that gets taken out and we have it italienne style.
The last time I just made the fries at home and used Wendy's chili as the topping. It was delish! So, Wendy's, listen to me carefully: Start selling a chili poutine! Feel free to name it after me ... call it Dave's Poutine.
Some other poutine news is a find from another colleague of mine. The website As the site states: "un site dédié à la meilleure bouffe possible: LA POUTINE ! L’extase culinaire en trois ingrédients." I discovered they also have a Facebook site. I salut you. But first, I have wipe my chin after seeing a picture from their Facebook site. A basket made out of bacon, yes bacon, filled with poutine. OMG! Not for the faint heart beats out there
In recent months I have avoided having to ingest horrendous poutines. That ended last month at the Casino. The final score comes out to 36%. I believe that may be the lowest score I've given. It failed in every aspect. I don't even want to go into it in too much detail so as to avoid reliving the experience, but let's just say the best part of the meal was certainly the friend at my side.
So, until next time, keep the emails and tips coming in.
And, of course, may your curds stay squeaky.

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